7 of the Best Pre-Workout Foods

Ready to feel the burn?

These foods will really help you fuel your body during a workout.

We all want to maximise our workouts and make the most of the limited time that we have. Wouldn’t it be great to train harder, run quicker, peddle faster, jump higher and lift bigger weights. We are all guilty of forgetting or not knowing what the best food is to fuel our bodies to make sure that we get the most of our workout.

So here is a quick guide to what to eat before a workout:

There are certain foods which are far better to eat before working out that will help our bodies, preparing the body to work out can maximize your efforts in the gym. Everyone has different nutritional requirements, foods which strike the right balance between fats, carbs, and protein. They will help to stop you feeling hungry during a workout, prevent fatigue and can even help a quicker recovery.

So what is a good pre workout snack?

Pre-Workout Foods and Snacks:

 assorted bread store display

  1. Whole Grain Bread

Lets start off simple! One slice of whole grain bread is a great source of carbs. You could also add some low fat turkey to give it some protein or scrambled or hard-boiled eggs.

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  1. Dried Fruit

This is a really quick snack; it requires hardly any preparation and is good pre-workout food. Dried fruit are a fantastic source of simple carbohydrates that are easy for the body to digest. So why not grab a handful of dried berries, apricots, figs, and pineapple before your next workout.

 sliced ripe banana on round white ceramic plate

  1. Bananas

This is nature’s power bar, bananas are crammed full of carbohydrates and potassium, these are amazing for our nerve and muscle function. You wouldn’t take your car out for a long drive without filling it full of fuel so don’t neglect your body, Carbs are fuel for our body and brain, 90% of banana calories are carbs, so top that fuel tank up.

 sliced cheese on white ceramic bowl

  1. Oats

Full of fiber, oats release carbohydrates gradually, because of this slow release energy levels are kept steady throughout your workout. Consistent energy levels will allow you to train harder for longer. Theses bad boys also contain Vitamin B, this will help to convert carbohydrates into energy. The best oats are the ones that have been the least processed and boast a lower glycemic load than quick-cooking and instant oats. Irish oats seem to be the best.

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  1. Fruit And Greek Yogurt

Fruit is full of carbohydrates while Greek yogurt packs a protein-filled punch. Greek yogurt has almost double the protein than regular yogurt, it also has fewer carbohydrates and half the sodium. This really is an amazing combination, because the  carbs in the fruit break down quickly and are used as fuel, while the protein is stored and is used by the body to prevent muscle damage. They really are a match made in heaven and one you should try before your next work-out.


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  1. Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, And Sweet Potato

This is perfect if you are working on building muscle mass or plan to hit circuit training hard. You could argue this is more of a meal than a snack, however this is the choice of some of the pro athletes because of the protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. Don’t just take our word for it, give it a go.

 brown and white beans in clear glass bowl

  1. Trail Mix

Some people steer away from nuts because of their high-fat content, but they provide the protein and calories required to gain muscle mass. If your goal is to lose weight then you should probably look at one of the other snack. If you want to buy pre-prepared trail mix from supermarkets make sure that you avoid the ones containing yogurt or even chocolate coated nuts.


Stretch & Burn Top Tip:   

You should always ensure that you eat your meal and snack 30-90 minutes before you work out, this should prevent you from feeling bloated, if you are eating a larger meal make sure you wait the full 90 minutes, but if you’re sticking with a snack, 30 minutes should be fine.

It can be a challenge to find the right pre workout snack, however when you do you will find that you have more energy and start beating your goals.

Finally the best way of hydrating after a workout is to drink water, we have a great blog on how to make drinking water more enjoyable. Click here