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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, limited edition pieces designed for real people, not mass produced and focused on longevity so we don’t add to the clothing mountain. earth. limited edition

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Stretch & Burn


sustainable fabric regenerated from fishing nets




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How boxing helped me to get my life back on track

I’d never been one for the gym. I’d once belonged to one for a little while, but the wall-to-wall beautiful people and equipment I didn’t understand intimated me so eventually I stopped going. So never did I think I’d turn into ‘that’ woman - the one that loves exercise and seeks out some form of fitness every day. What happened?


7 Healthy Snacks to eat 30 minutes before working out

Ready to feel the burn? These foods will really help you fuel your body during a workout. We all want to maximise our workouts and make the most of the limited time that we have. Wouldn’t it be great to train harder, run quicker, peddle faster, jump higher and lift bigger weights. We are all guilty of forgetting or not knowing what the best food is to fuel our bodies to make sure that we get the most of our workout.

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11 things you can add to your water bottle that your body will love

If you are anything like me there is a good chance you probably don’t drink enough water. I always thought that water was the most boring thing on the planet to drink. Drinking a lot of it was just something I never enjoyed but knew I had to force it down to stay hydrated. There are plenty of things you can add to your water bottle that will turn the dread into pure joy.

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Sustainable Leggings designed in Yorkshire made in Europe

Stretch & Burn is a Yorkshire brand that designs apparel for people who care for the planet, we create product that is designed to last. We believe that longevity is the key to sustainability and want to educate the world that if you buy cheap you buy twice. We only work with quality factories that are close to home, we don’t want our product flying halfway around the world, and its less distance for us to go and visit them.

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Super soft leggings

Exciting new and environmentally friendly brand. The leggings are brilliant to run in, really comfortable, super soft to touch and great fit.

Claire Williams

Amazing service and fabulous products

Amazing service and fabulous products. I also love their ethos! Don’t hesitate! Free delivery and returns!

Anna Taylor

In love 😍

I am very impressed in the entire process here. From ease of ordering, to delivery, to fit and functionality and style. Love it. Would recommended to everyone x

Sarah Gorman