ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon

When we started out on ourjourney we didn't want to compromise, not on the quality of the product, whereit came from and what it was made from. That's why we choose ECONYL®regenerated nylon as the yarn. We have unlimited ideas with our brand and wewant to burn calories not resources.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from waste, otherwisepolluting the Earth, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpets, it’sinfinitely recyclable and can unleash infinite possibilities for makers,creators and consumers.

ECONYL® Leggings

All our leggings are made from ECONYL® regenerated yarn, We have designed a range ideal for Yoga, Running, Gym and HIIT

Econyl Jumpsuit

ECONYL® Jumpsuit

Stretch & Burn Jumpsuits all use the ECONYL® yarn, with fabric made in Italy. Our All in one Jumpsuits are great for Running, Yoga, Gym, Wild Water Swimming, HIIT.


Our tops range from a ECONYL® running top with a clever smart watch, to Sports Bras with the softest suede feel. All made from regenerated nylon ECONYL®