Our Story


Stretch muscles not resources, burn calories not forests

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, limited edition pieces designed by real people, not mass produced and focus on longevity so we don’t add to the clothing mountain.

Our Story

What do you do in the worst year ever, when you’re in Lockdown, banned from socialising with family and friends…..

A year that showed me how important exercise is for our mind, body and soul, and how fragile the world is that we live in. For me, the mental challenges of lockdown were eased by having time out running, cycling, walking and being out in the fresh air, whatever the weather.

Believe me it can be cold and wet in Yorkshire!

So, together with my skills in the textile industry and a strong background in marketing I decided to reshape my own future and create, design and manufacture a sustainable activewear brand without the constraints of mass production, just select, limited pieces.

A brand designed for the real world, built to last, sustainable and uncompromising in quality and performance.

Real World Design

I love exercise and what it can do to your mind, body and soul. I had time in lockdown to think about what makes great product and how the activewear I was wearing could be improved without impacting the planet. I set out on a mission to bring the very best product designed by me, an everyday person not a professional athlete, but someone who runs in the early morning rain, trains at night or in the gym fitted around the kids and work. I know what it’s like to have to take my keys, phone, gym card, out with me. So I designed product to the nuances that make your life easier so you can get on with the thing you love.


Its important that our product has the perfect fit, we have called upon  years of experience in textiles to ensure that the right fabrics marry with the right fit. I don’t just stop there I personally test each garment before it is brought to market to make sure that our products will exceed your expectations.

For more information visit our Size Guide

Responsibly made in Portugal

I want to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum so I source our activewear from Portugal, but that’s not the only reason, Portugal is renowned for great workmanship. Ten years buying from Portugal have taught me that if you buy from a great factory with real quality you get happy customers with products that last.

Sustainable Fabric from Italy

Longevity is a big part of sustainability so I wanted to buy the best fabric which will stand the test of time, sourced from an ethical and sustainable mill in Italy. Our fabrics are second to none and provide you with the comfort you want whilst giving us the peace of mind that they haven’t flown halfway around the world.

I really hope that you choose to support me on my mission to buy less, but buy better.

Clare x