Is at the heart of everything we do


So many brands over produce to hit the minimum order quantities the factories they are buying from demand, which ends up contributing to the clothing mountain. We decided to think differently and support European ethical factories that offer the highest quality without demanding the world in terms of their numbers.

Our pieces are designed for the real world and are built to last, sustainable and uncompromising in how they perform. You could say they are designed for the long run, to be worn day in and day out, from coffee shop to class, school run to 10K run. We want you to feel comfortable, look great and know you are doing your bit for our planet!

Stretch & Burn is a Yorkshire brand that designs apparel for people who care for the planet, we create product that is designed to last. We believe that longevity is the key to sustainability and want to educate the world that if you buy cheap you buy twice. We only work with quality factories that are close to home, we don’t want our product flying halfway around the world, and its less distance for us to go and visit them. We important to us that we support factories in Europe because of their quality and close proximity.

Responsibly made in Portugal

We want to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum so we source our garments from Portugal, but that’s not the only reason, Portugal is renowned for great workmanship. Ten years buying from Portugal have taught me that if you buy from a great factory with real quality you get happy customers with products that last.

Sustainable Fabric from Italy

Longevity is a big part of sustainability so we wanted to buy the best fabric which will stand the test of time, so we bought from an ethical and sustainable mill in Italy. All our products use sustainable fabric from the market leading Italian mill. They are fabrics made from ECONYL® yarn a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets. The mill is accredited by OEKO-TEX and have partnered with Healthy Seas and Aquafil SpA. So feel proud that you have bought the best product whilst having the peace of mind that the fabric hasn't flown halfway around the world.

Econyl Jumpsuit